Under the Sea at the Sweetheart Soiree

We got to show off our Cirque du Mer themed table at the Sweetheart Soiree Bridal Bizaar on Sunday, September 8th. This event was tons of fun and we loved meeting everyone from vendors to brides-to-be!

In case you missed it, check out these photos of our booth:

IMG_7877 IMG_7878

We bought this cupcake wheel from Homegoods and put our business cards in it for a unique presentation. We gave these wine bottles to some lucky gals as giveaways.


Here’s one of our new fishy friends who’s now swimming in a tank with 4 others in our studio! These guys were troopers with the move from Walmart to a candy bowl to the bridal show and finally back to our office.



 IMG_7907 IMG_7903  IMG_7911

Join us for food and drinks at our new studio in Bankers Hill this coming Sunday from 1-5pm at our Studio Soiree!



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